Reasons to Avoid Facebook and Google+

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Surveillance is not normal

It is well understood that Google uses your personal data to maximize its profit, and that it owns your data and that you are at its mercy.

It has also recently been discovered that Facebook is listening into conversations that occur whenever the app is running. It performs eavesdropping not of your telephone calls but of whatever you say when the phone is nearby. BGR article about Facebook eavesdropping.

What does science tell us about social network users?

Scientific researchers have been looking at what Facebook and other social networks do for people and what they don't do. A coherent image is beginning to form.

In England, Dr. Sam Roberts found that social networking does not win you new friends, nor does it improve your existing relationships.

In Australia, researchers Ryan and Xenos determined that narcissistic, exhibitionist, and extroverted personalities are drawn to social networking.

Researchers Kirschner and Karpinski, in the Netherlands and the USA respectively, found that social network users who are students have lower GPAs and they study less.

This correlation between poor academic performance and studying habits on the one hand and social media use on the other was confirmed in a larger study by Junco, done in the USA.

Boston researchers Nadkarni and Hoffman found that the need to belong and the need for exhibitionism drive social network use.

Study from Denmark says quitting Facebook makes people happier.

Study by British marketing agency shows 82% of British FB users are lying in profiles.
IBT article

Opinions from non-scientists

You don't have to be a scientist to uncover the perils of social networking. You need only to observe and think, as these folks have:

Is Facebook being abandoned?

is seeing a decline in young users, while their parents remain enthusiastic users. Kids are escaping the claustrophobic, surveillance-friendly Facebook and embracing messaging apps. Telegraph article.