Wooden Weightlifting Bench Do-It-Yourself Project

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Weightlifting bench

With only a few pieces of wood and some deck screws, you can make a basic bench for using free weights.


I had some extra wood lying around, actually some of it I had bought out of the Extras bin at a hardware store for cheap. I also needed a weight bench, so rather than spending a large amount of money I decided to make one myself.

You'll need:

  • Two 5.5" by 1.5" boards ("6x2"), about 36 to 40 inches long depending on your size. Measure from your top-of-head to buttocks to get the needed length.
  • Seven 2x4 segments, 11" each.
  • Around 32 drywall screws, 3" length. I bought a 1 pound box for $5.
Total cost should be something like $15.


  1. Cut all wood pieces to the proper lengths.
  2. Stabilize the two pieces constituting the top of the bench by attaching the central cross-beam (see photos).
  3. I believe I actually attached the legs next. I was very careful to make sure they were perpendicular with the bench top. After each pair I put in the stabilizing end cross beam.
  4. Reinforce everything with more screws.
* All of these must be bare links. */


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