What Psychological Functions Does Religion Sustain?

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What is religion used for? A list.

False pride

"We have the special god-connection and prophet, not you, so we are better."

This is equivalent to a sports nut claiming that his team has the special superstar player, but in the case of religion it's an evidence-free boast about an imaginary god and charlatan prophet.

False knowledge

"We have the right information and interpretation, not you".

Emphasis is placed on the importance of having the right beliefs, down to the tiniest detail, about the imaginary god. This is mental masturbation, but it also serves to distract followers away form the lack of proof that the god exists.

False wisdom

"We read the special book, so we don't have to think for ourselves."

Every religion has offer a little folksy wisdom, in the way that every car has to have four tires -- it won't sell without it. But the sheer bogosity of everything else absolutely nullifies any claim to wisdom. It is wise to believe made-up nonsense without asking for proof? No.

False knowledge

"We have the special knowledge, and everybody else is stupid."

Religions give stupid people a reason to think they have an intellectual specializion in something important, and therefore they are somehow smarter as a result. A great many devious religious organizations train their believers to lie and otherwise manipulate in order to support their otherwise baseless beliefs, causing religious individuals who agree to become liars to feel clever. Religions ask the religious person to learn detailed knowledge about his god(s) and prophet(s) that is usually fabricated blather, but sometimes heavily spun reporting on distant historical events. Either way the knowledge has no value, and it is unwise and unclever to pursue such false knowledge.

False righteousness

"Our views are validated by this holy book and our god, therefore we are justified in our bigotry, narrow-mindedness, violence and hate."

Religion gives the stamp of approval to every form of hate, discrimination and sadism. That is one of its major functions and reasons for its popularity. Religion appeals to the cowardly bullies, who relies on the assurance that their made-up god not only support their hate but ultimately forgive them, so they need never face their victims or really take responsibility.

False security

"Our beliefs are holy and sacrosanct and therefore you cannot question them."

Religion is founded on wishes, bogosities and lies, but it offers its followers (the carriers of the religion-virus) the false belief that they deserve and should expect to be given the utmost respect for believing the nonsense of religion.

If you buy a defective car, do you believe no one should tell you?
If you buy an ugly hat, do you believe no one should tell you?
If you are swindled at a shop, do you believe no one should tell you?
If you back a crooked politician, do you believe no one should tell you?
Yet somehow, if you believe in an invisible man in the sky, and wild unproven stories about his prophet and so on, why would you expect no one will point out your beliefs are horsepucky?

A kind person, upon seeing you have food stuck to your face after lunch, will tell you so that you can correct your problem.
In the same way, a kind person, seeing that you are basing your life upon a foundation of unprovable claims, will tell you so that you can correct your problem.