John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

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Assassin John Wick has been excommunicated by the High Table and must fight his way out of New York and to a meeting with he who is above the table, for a chance at redemption; but the High Table is not just unhappy with Wick, it seeks to punish anyone who has assisted Wick after he killed the impudent High Table member Santino D'Antonio (in John Wick 2).


This installment brings more violence, more inventively performed than ever before to surprise and delight fans of John Wick, while advancing the story and laying the groundwork for a 4th installment. The title is a double entendre: It refers both to the Latin si vis pacis, para bellum (if you (singular) want peace, prepare for war) and to a firearm cartridge called a Parabellum.

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