Logical Fallacy Notes

Revision 1
© 2019 by Zack Smith. All rights reserved.

Here is my list of fallacies and notes about each:

A Priori Begging the Question
Ad Hoc Circular Argument
Ad Hominem Attack Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
Affirming a Disjunct Division
Affirming the consequent Fallacy of Composition
Appeal to Authority False Dilemma
Appeal to Consequences First Claim
Appeal to Emotion Genetic Fallacy
Appeal to Fear of Force Guilt by Association
Appeal to Hypocrisy Hasty Generalization to an Inverse
Appeal to Ignorance Hasty Generalization
Appeal to Novelty Irrelevant conclusion
Appeal to Tradition Legitimacy from Effort
Appeal to the Majority Modo Hoc
Argument from Beauty No True Scotsman
Argument from Fallacy Non-Sequitur
Argument from High Standards Poisoning the Well
Argument from Lack of Imagination Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
Argument from Money Proof by assertion
Argument from Natural Source Red Herring
Argument from Payment Slippery Slope
Argumentum ad Lapidem Straw Man
Argumentum ad Lazarum Sweeping Generalization
Argumentum ad Nauseum Syllogistic fallacy: Undistributed middle