List of Corporate, Government, and Religious Front Groups

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A front group is a group that attempts to appear benevolent and fair when in fact it is funded by wealthy interests who want to further some nefarious agenda. They are fraudulent and intended to deceive. Front groups are created in order to conceal conflicts of interest, to shield against indefensible lines of argument, or to make disturbing ideologies appear mainstream.

Videos on astroturfing

  1. Astroturf and manipulation of media messages - Sharyl Attkisson

Corporate Front Groups

  1. United States Energy Association: a trade organization representing Chevron, Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips
  2. Groundwater Protection Council: a nonprofit that receives fracking industry funding and opposes federal regulation of fracking wastewater disposal.
  3. American Association for the Advancement of Science: operates on behalf of corporate interests including Monsanto. Linked to the No on 37 campaign to prevent labeling of GMO foods. Article Article
  4. : corporate front group that among other thingsi denies that foods can be addictive.
  5. Partnership for a New American Economy = Disney/Bloomberg/Murdoch organization aimed at dumping American workers in favor of cheap H1B workers.
  6. National Sleep Foundation = also known as Patient Sleep Supplies; it is Big Pharma funded to make you think you need Lunesta.
  7. Stop Too Big To Fail: created to stop financial reform
  8. .
  9. .
  10. = Neoconservatives e.g. Jeb Bush.
  11. = Koch brothers front group.
  12. Center for Global Food Safety = shill group funded in part by and headed up by .
  13. Citizens for a Sound Economy
  14. .
  15. .
  16. Coalition for Vehicle Choice
  17. Compete America = group created to import more cheaper foreign skilled workers to make Americans unemployed.
  18. Council for Energy Awareness.
  19. Council for Solid Waste Solutions
  20. Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) = "civil rights" group founded with Saudi Wahhabi money. Wahhabis are medieval-mindset types who are rather inventive enemies of civil rights.
  21. = lobbying group based in Brussels.
  22. = a front group for the Center for Security Policy thinktank which espouses and end to democracy in America; fascist dictatorship; and depopulating Iraq of Arabs.
  23. FreedomWorks: formed out of the merger of Citizens for a Sound Economy and Empower America.
  24. = oil industry front group that "gives financial and moral support to a small handful of scientists who vocally dispute the reality of global warming and the necessity of taking action to combat it" (see Stanford page under Links below).
  25. = front group intended to appear to be a grass root movement while actually it is run by pharmaceutical companies.
  26. National Center for Policy Analysis = 100% Republican and not a scientist among them: but beloved by the US media.
  27. = Neoconservative front group.
  28. National Wetlands Council
  29. Oregon Lands Coalition
  30. Citizens for Fire Safety = the three largest manufacturers of toxic chemical flame retardants
  31. = trade assocation for the ethanol industry
  32. Society of the Plastic Industry
  33. = front group to promote psycho-pharmaceuticals.
  34. = sham organization run by Republicans and big drug companies.
  35. USA Engage
  36. created by .
  37. Workplace Health and Safety Council

Bank front organizations

  • Council on Foreign Relations: started by banksters in 1921 such as J.P. Morgan, Warburg etc. with the goal of ending national sovereignty and promoting globalism and a One World Government.
  • US Federal Reserve system: started by banksters in secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia

CIA front organizations

  • PTech (Performance Tech) = supplier of software to Corporate America and the US government; alleged connections to Islamic terrorist suspects according to Indira Singh.
  • = Active in breaking unions in ; worked for them after he graduated from Columbia.
  • according to John Perkins.
  • Executive Solutions according to John Perkins.
  • Global Alternatives according to John Perkins.
  • World Vision = allegedly a CIA front and fake Christian organization

Governmental agencies taken over by big business

It would have once seem hard to believe, but governmental agencies largely have been taken over by corporate interests. In the USA and elsewhere, regulatory agencies are mostly captured. They have in effect become front groups.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) = US governmental regulatory agency that has been captured by big banks.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) = US governmental regulatory agency that has been captured by big business.
  • European Medical Agency = government body 2/3 funded by the pharmaceutal industry.

Front websites

  • run by a Cato Institute flunkie, i.e. someone who represents the interests of business, which usually means being against the interests of citizens, consumers, and voters, and against rational thought.

Think tanks: professional propagandists and front groups for corporate interests

Think tanks exist to make bad rationales appear palatable, and to make outrageous ideas appears respectable. They attempt to back up their lies with academic credibility, but often they are headed up by lobbyists.
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute: whores paid $200k-$400k per annum by ExxonMobil to perform acts of misinformation.
  • Cato: "bad" libertarian: i.e. representing only big business thus they are into harsh Classic Liberal ideology i.e. the stuff Charles Dickens complained about.
  • Center for Security Policy = neofascist and anti-democracy.
  • The Fellowship Foundation AKA The Family = far-rightwing fundamentalist organization. Known for its National Prayer Breakfast.
  • American Enterprise Institute: the headquarters of the Neoconservatives.
    • Dick Cheney & wife have been involved with AEI.
    • Richard Perle is a hawk from AEI.
    • Many AEI board members come from Hoover Institute.
  • PNAC (Project for a New American Century): another major Neo-Con thinktank.
  • Heritage: rightwing and often featured on NPR (National Public Radio).
    • Elaine Chao (labor secretary) is from Heritage.
  • Manhattan Institute: rightwing
  • Hoover Institution: rightwing and located at Stanford University in California.
    • Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice are from Hoover.
  • Brookings: sometimes-rightwing and often featured on NPR.

Rich supporters of rightwing thinktanks

  • Coors
  • Richard Mellon Scaife
  • The Koch brothers

Rich supporters of planned but thwarted 1931 fascist coup in America

It was called the Business Plot, and was exposed by General Smedly Butler, who hailed from West Chester Pennsylvania.
  • J.P. Morgan
  • DuPont family
  • Remington family