Reasons to Not Buy an iPad

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Videos that you copy over using iTunes almost always look worse when played on the iPad than when played on a laptop. This has been a problem since the iPad 1. Clearly Apple has no intention to fix it.

The iPad still does not have an SD card slot for accessing photos or videos. The SD card slot adapter requires that you copy files from the SD card onto the iPad; you cannot simply access them without copying.

The difficulty with playing videos copied over via iTunes and lack of an SD slot are indicative of a sad reality. Apple does not expect you to have a collection of videos in MP4 format. They desire that you stream all of your videos and specifically that you will buy videos in the iTunes store.

Apple's new strategy (with the iPad Pro) of encouraging the purchase of expensive accessories is pricing many consumers out of the iPad market.

Apple's products always leave out something essential. You can spend a little more to get one or two of the things you need, but you can never get everything.

If you want to watch your Comcast TV shows, their Xfinity app provides far fewer TV shows to watch than does their website.

Because the iPad requires a case, which adds to its weight, its real weight is heavier than what you experience when you pick it up in the store. By comparison a laptop typically does not need a cover to protect it. You just put a laptop in your bag or sleeve. Most likely will you also put a tablet in a bag despite its having a case.

The heavier that a computing device is, the more it needs to be capable of doing to justify lugging it around. At 1 pound, the iPad does have some heft. But it is also very limited and limiting.