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More and more universities are putting videos of their lectures online, revealing the quality of their professors or the lack thereof. Here are just a few that I've found. Please note that while much of what I'm linking to free content, many schools impose restrictions on who may view their courses for free on iTunes and from their own webistes, and in some cases you can only get course previews.
University of California Berkeley
Webcast page
iTunes U page
Johnathan Shewchuck teaching Computer Science 61B
Purdue University
Boilercast page
University of Washington
Classroom Support page
Harvard Extension
iTunes U page
University of Oregon
iTunes U page
University of Oxford
iTunes U page
University of Utah
Princeton University
University Channel
University of Texas
World Lecture Hall
WGBH Boston
Their archive
Georgetown Law
Their webcast page
Nursing review
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
MIT OpenCourseWare
Audio-visual links
University of Idaho
Food Toxicology lectures
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Office of instructional development
Course list
Ancient Greek history
Northwestern University
iTunes U page
iTunes U page
UC San Diego
iTunes U page
Webcasts in French
US Department of Energy
Save Energy Now series.
Google Code
Courses (textual)

Slides and PDFs

University of London / Queens College
Quantitative Methods in Chemistry class notes
Columbia University
Probability slides
Duke University
Probability slides