Argument from Fallacy

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Argument from Fallacy

This is also known as Argumentum ad logicam and Argument from Logic.

Argument from Fallacy is where you have an argument that implies a claim, so P implies Q, and it is found that P contains a logical fallacy. Therefore, Q is assumed to be false.

  • Proposition P implies Proposition Q.
  • However P is found to be false.
  • Therefore it is assumed that Proposition Q is false. ]]


Someone presents the argument: I speak French, and Frenchmen speak French, therefore I am French. But says another, that's a fallacy and therefore he is not French.

Two political candidates are debating, and the first presents some clearly bogus reasoning, the consequence of which is, he says, the voters should elect him. His opponent points out the bogosity of the first's reasoning and then declares, therefore you should not be elected.


Not matter how profound or shocking the fallaciousness of argument A may be, that does not disprove the secondary claim Q. You need only point that out, and note that Q must be evaluated on its own merits.