12 Cranial Nerves Quick Reference Card and Mneumonic: OOOTTAFVGVAH

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12 Cranial Nerves

As part of learning how the brain's 12 cranial nerves are organized, you'll have to learn the names and functions of each. Luckily, a simple mneumonic device has been devised to help students of anatomy and later courses such as neurology to memorize them. It's crude but it helps.

But first, what is the sequence? The twelve nerves are: OOOTTAFVGVAH, meaning:

So, what's the mneumonic?

There are at least three:

Bawdy (I did not invent it):
"Oh! Oh! Oh! To touch and feel virgin girls vaginas and hooters!"
Non-bawdy variant
"On old olympus towering top a famous vocal german viewed some hops."
Completely sanitized version for nursing students
"Oh! Oh! Oh! to touch and feel very green vegetables AH!".

Nerve# and name Direction Function Mneumonic
1. olfactory nerve sensory smell oh!
2. optic nerve sensory vision oh!
3. oculomotor nerve mixed eye movements oh!
4. trochlear nerve mixed eye movements to
5. trigeminal nerve mixed chewing touch
6. abducens nerve mixed eye movements and
7. facial nerve mixed facial muscle movements; saliva & tear production; taste feel
8. vestibulocochlear nerve mixed hearing & balance vampy
9. glossopharyngeal nerve mixed taste girls
10. vagus mixed slows the heart rate and digestive peristalsis vaginas
11. [spinal] accessory mixed swallowing; movements of head & shoulders and
12. hypoglossal mixed tongue movement; swallowing hooters