Tuition Rates: Schools of Architecture

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Back in 2002, I did a comprehensive survey of the cost to go to university for architecture, because at the time it seemed that nobody was offering such this data, or at least not for free.

Here are the results of that effort. You'd think that some governmental agency would compile this kind of data, but no, our tax dollars don't pay for protecting us from getting scammed by luxuriously priced colleges. Units are US dollars.

Universities that Teach by Quarter

StateStatewide Unemployment RateNameResidentNonresident
California 6.4 Cal Poly SLO 1700 3870
Washington U Wash 1656 5374
Ohio Cincinnati 2541 6410

Universities that Teach by Semester

StateLocal Unemployment RateNameResidentNonresident
New Mexico (Albuquerque) 5.0UNM15845718
Georgia 4.2 Georgia Tech 1600 7600
Arizona4.1 ASU Tempe 1754 6014
Arizona (Tucson)3.6 U Arizona 18006186
Colorado (Boulder)4.9 Univ of Colorado200010000
Alabama (Tuscaloosa)3.4 Univ. of Alabama 2067 5647
New York6.5 SUNY Buffalo 2175
Ohio OSU Regional 22087201
Oregon State OSU 2310 9000
Washington WSU 2418 6469
Iowa U Iowa 2500 7700
Iowa Iowa State 2700 7600
Virginia (Charlottesville)2.6 UVA 3025 11090
Connecticut UConn 3200 8400
Ohio OSU Columbus 33258300
Pennsylvania PSU 5024 19724
Massachusetts BAC 5232 5232
Pennsylvania Carnegie Mellon 14595 14595