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There's now a super-annoying reality TV show about this topic:
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This is a webpage devoted to listing as many examples of people creating tiny houses or adapting to life in micro apartments as I can find, in the hope that it might embolden people to follow suit and embrace a more minimalist, less consumeristic lifestyle. These smaller structures embody the understanding that less is more and that a life of accumulation, of filling in spaces with bought stuff, is an impediment to happiness and should be avoided.

This is mainly a links page, and I cannot guarantee anything at all about the sites that I am offering links to, but I try to periodically search for and add links that are fresh and to thereby offer something useful and interesting. I remove bad links and projects when I find them. If you have a site worth adding, or experiences to relate in making or living in tiny houses or micro apartments, please contact me.

For the former page about shipping container-based architecture, click here.   I switched my Firmitas website's main page over to tiny structures because although it is true that shipping containers offer many advantages, like durability and stackability, and it is good to reuse unwanted steel containers, tiny houses and to a lesser extent micro apartments offer the prospect of being built from mostly locally-sourced natural products, which is better for the environment.

The List

Tiny Houses

A tiny house is roughly defined as being less than 750 square feet (70 square meters), or 500 square feet (45 sq. m) depending on whom you ask.

Tiny House Built for $500

Converting Storage Shed into Tiny House for $500

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company (Jay Shafer)

Macy Miller's tiny house
Macy Miller house

Daily Mail article Dec. 2013
HuffPo article Jan. 2013

Ann Holley's Protohaus project at Alfred University. (New York)

Youtube video.

Austin Hay's tiny house. He is a teenager. (California)
A video of his finished house:

Earlier video.

Debra and Gary's shotgun shack.


Article about their project

Tiny House Family


Microapartments are often about 300 square feet, or 28 square meters.

Panoramic Investments (Berkeley California)

Their website

Their SmartSpace micro housing project

Inhabitat July 2013 article

SFGate article November 2013

Mark Co (San Francisco California)

The microapartments in this building range from 275 to 450 square feet in area.

Lofts At Seven micro housing website

History of the building (May 2013)


  1. If you have a site link that you would like to list then please email me here with that asking me to add it: Zack Smith.
  2. If you have a question, please keep in mind that I am neither an architect, nor a structural engineer, therefore I cannot review plans or make recommendations.

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