Wooden Weightlifting Bench Do-It-Yourself Project

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Weightlifting bench

With only 9 pieces of wood and some screws, you can make a basic bench for using free weights.

Here's the first bench that I made in 2007:

: :

Photo 4: How to line up the wood before putting the legs on. :

Second identical bench, make in 2015: :


In 2007, I had some extra wood lying around -- actually some of it I had bought out of the Extras bin at my local Home Depot hardware store for cheap. I also needed a weight bench, so rather than spend a large amount of money I decided to make one myself for about a quarter of the cost.

In 2015, after giving away the first one I made a second one.

You'll need:

  • Two 2x6 boards, which are actually 5.5 inches by 1.5 inches. Typically these are sold as 8-foot planks, so you can either ask them to cut two 48 inch pieces or something shorter. I chose 40 inches long. If you'll be using this bench for not just weightlifting but also general tasks, longer is probably better. These pices cost me perhaps $8.
  • Seven 2x4 segments, 11 inches each. Go to your local Home Depot or similar store and buy one 8 foot 2x4. Ask them to make 7 (or if you like 8) 11-inch segments. Or, you could ask for three 11-inch segments (the cross beams) and four 12-inch segments (the legs). As you prefer... This cost me about $5 plus the cost of the cuts.
  • Around 32 screws. They can be deck screws, drywall screws or general purpose gold wood screws, either 3 inches or 2.5 inches length. I bought a 1 pound box for $6.

Total cost should be something like $20.